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Monday , 1 March 2021

Home > is an independent online news portal on campus and career from Bangladesh.

The portal informs and entertains thousands of students and professional daily and aims to help campus and carerre related success and progress.

Renowned educationist Robaet Ferdous is the adviser of the portal. While, Anjali Sarker is the Executive editor of the online media.

The writers are primarily student journalists. It is the only paper of its kind in the world!

The portal is based on campus engagement around the country and abroad for the youths and students of Bangladesh.

Around the country more then 100 students reporter and campus ambassador involve the activities of the site for greater involvement of news from campus and career world. Editorial Board
Robaet Ferdous,
Educationist, Columnist
 Adviser, ‘​ক্যাম্পাস টু ক্যারিয়ার’–এর উপদেষ্টা হিসেবে দায়িত্ব পালন করছেন ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের গণযোগাযোগ ও সাংবা​দিকতা বিভাগের শিক্ষক রোবায়েত ফেরদৌস।  
Anjali Sarker Executive Editor, anjali Reporters and Writer Panel
Sojib Mia,  Senior Reporter
Aashaa Zahid,  Reporter
Towshikur Rahman,  Reporter
 Monish Das, IBA, University of Dhaka  Reporter
 Aruna Sarker  Reporter
Nishat Omoni  Reporter foreign campus reporter and writer panel
Suvessa Chakraborty, USA  Reporter_Shuvessa
Benjir Shams, UBC, Canada  Reporter_Benjir

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