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Monday , 1 March 2021

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Irregularities in AMTOB embarrass members

Inequitable and illegal practices in the Association of Mobile Telecom Operators in Bangladesh (AMTOB) made its members embarrassed and frustrated.
The documents of illegal practices of AMTOB have been sent to the telecom regulator, Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), the telecom ministry and chief executive officers of all mobile phone operators in the country.
Inequitable and illegal practices include recruitment or termination of employees bypassing AMTOB guidelines, collecting petty cash without any document, hiding information, embezzlement of funds and tempering documents of mobile phone bills.
However, TIM Nurul Kabir, secretary general of AMTOB has denied the allegations.
“A vested quarter inside the mobile telecom industry is trying to tarnish the image of AMTOB as well as to make me questionable,” Kabir told BSS.

He claimed all the works including recruitments have been done professionally following the rules and regulations of AMTOB.
AMTOB members are Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk and Citycell.
The mobile operators have received evidences of irregularities in AMTOB, and the secretary general of the organization is fully empowered for any kind of official work.

AMTOB document shows organization’s guideline was not followed by its secretary general during recruitment or termination. Even, approval from the executive body of AMTOB and steering committee was not taken prior to giving appointment.
Bashar was appointed as “head of regulatory” with the salary of Tk 250,000 bypassing the procedures practiced earlier. Prior to joining AMTOB, Bashar was working at catalyst with Tk 80,000 monthly salary.
In another case, Kausarul Islam was appointed as “adviser for communication” on 27 January 2013 ‘very quietly’ and ignoring the set procedures. Within 15 days of appointment, Kausarul was terminated without issuing any written notice for unknown reason(s). Later, the office copy of the appointment was destroyed and a 15-day contract letter for “Appointment as Consultant” was prepared.

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